What are punishments?

Punishments are actions like ban, kick or mute that can be given to a user when he violates the rules. You can either call punish users directly by using commands, or you can define punishments that happen after a user reaches a certain amount of strikes.

How can I punish a user after reaching a certain amount of strikes?

With the punishmentconfig command you can set after how many strikes a certain punishment action will be given.
!punishmentconfig <punishmentType> <numberOfStrikesNeeded>
A list of all available punishments:
  • ban
  • softban
  • kick
  • mute
  • warn
So if you would like to kick a user after he reaches 5 strikes, you would have to execute the following command
!punishmentconfig kick 5
If you want to delete a punishmentconfig, just set the strikes to 0 like that:
!punishmentconfig kick 0
To see all punishment configs, just use the command without giving any arguments: